Atelier Pendhapa is pleased to launch their new furniture collection AKAR in collaboration with Métaphores, an innovator in weaving and fabrics for interior design, and a sister company of Hermès, belonging to its textile division.

The essence of the collaboration was for Atelier Pendhapa to best showcase the fabric’s unique characteristics. Horse-hair fabric is particularly unique for its sustainable quality: no animals are harmed in the process. By nature, it also holds its coarse, strong, and lustrous qualities. Although the fabric has been extensively used for centuries in France, Metaphores reinvents the patterns and weavings of horsehair with a contemporary design. Combined with linen, wool, sisal or metallic threads, horsehair allows for the creation of motifs, light effects and sometimes audacious nuances.

The Akar bench can be made in a variety of finishes from black Javanese teak to European oak or lacquered wood.

L120 x W54 x H70 cm
Solid black Javanese teak, solid lacquered wood, solid European oak Fabric LE CRIN by Metaphores