Here, aspirations come to life and dreams transcend into timeless reality.
Each creation at Atelier Pendhapa is a testament to sophistication and craftsmanship.
From material selection to final embellishments, every element mirrors your vision.

All bespoke pieces are signed by Antonin Hautefort & Ignatio Tenggara.

It takes a dream

Antonin and Ignatio, together with a network of global artisans are here to bring your dreams to life. Each aspiration materializes into a tangible concept, evolving into a detailed blueprint, a prototype, and ultimately, the moment arrives
to transform it into reality.

We provide services to design and make furniture pieces bespoke to your project.

Crafting Dreams

Digital Tools

In our pursuit of craftsmanship, we employ a cutting-edge arsenal of state-of-the-art digital tools. From material testing to intricate detailing, our use of modern digital tools forms the backbone of our process, allowing us to manifest your vision with unrivaled accuracy and sophistication.

All Dreams Allowed