Pendhapa seeks to preserve the art form of conversations, collaborations and intentionality through the means of buildings, spaces, objects and furniture.

Bespoke Services

Step into a world of possibilities, where a network of master artisans and your visions converge. This is the place where your aspirations take form and where dreams become a timeless reality.

We provide services to design and make furniture pieces bespoke to your project.


At the core of the Asthila series are bold, rounded, monolithic forms that assert their presence while seamlessly assimilating into their surroundings. These works are a tribute to the collaborative craftsmanship of artisans hailing from all corners of the globe — from intricate raku ceramic techniques mastered in France to traditional glazing of lava stone in Bali to intricate lacquer work and to Italian marble carving. All of these heritage techniques come together to create dynamic contemporary works in strictly limited edition to bespeak something ineffable about our shared lives on the watery orb that is our home.