Saman, Iceland

Saman (2020)

Type: cultural, exhibition, cafe, office, and observatory

Location: Iceland

Internal size: 250 sqm

Saman is the physical coming together of two continents: North America with Eurasia. Rather than a wound to heal, we looked at the crack that makes their collision as the exhibition of their inevitable interactions. From a distance, a single line of light to the sky appears. As we get closer, its dark silhouette, reminiscent of the black colour of the ground of the land, appears to enclose a somehow glowing interior. Its silhouette is shaped by the harsh environmental constrains of the site, the activities it shelters as well as the celebration of the border between the two continents

Saman is the creation of place of reference to see and to be seen in the Icelandic landscape: an observatory to explore both under and above ground.