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Sana Terrae

Phenomena Introspectus


Edge of Craft

Redefining the Practice of Architecture

In the context of mass production, can we produce architecture with a level of craft? Craft has been removed from architectural practice as complexities in architecture is associated with high cost and the form of obsolescence.

Taking reference from the Arts and Crafts movement, the project focuses not on how objects were made through machines and standardization but rather on the lack of the practice of making by the architectural profession.

However, by technological transfer, accessibility of tools and technique and expertise utilization, we could develop our own architectural repertoire of one element with variations, where craft is brought back into the production of architecture.

The project speculates on the technique of making double curve metal sheets surfaces by utilizing CNC pattern fabrication with analog metal bending technique. The design is described firstly, by the positions of beams and columns structure, which is derived from the CNC fold pattern, secondly by the vaulting ceiling that is described by the metal bending process.

As a result, the crafted element is a varying form of cantilevering columns that blend into beams and ceilings. The architecture utilizes the ceilings as an organizational device that creates varying occupancy through curves, edges, boundaries, light, and sound.

Design research conducted by Ignatio Tenggara at the Architectural Association School of Architecture 2018-2019 as part of the diploma unit 17 led by Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd